financial literacy & education

about the program
about the program

Our workshops are anchored by our five stackable skills so youth can learn the keys and fundamentals for financial freedom.

Bringing together a variety of topics from budgeting and credit to debt management and savings, our workshops foster a collaborative learning environment for young people to build and grow their financial foundation through real-life situational training.

We use media and technology to help create a relevant and collaborative learning experience that takes a deep dive into money 101. Youth can explore a whole range of topics from establishing credit, Biggie Smalls inspired “mo money, mo problems” (why paying taxes is essential) to savings, budgeting, debt management, and developing a plan for their long term financial success.


  • Negotiating a financial aid offer
  • Outside resources to pay for college
  • Navigating college once you're in
  • Off campus, on campus, or your own place, housing options made easy
  • How to make the most of your college experience and networking

turning education into impact

After receiving our help, our members found they have:

Financial Stability

Greater understanding of financial terms and implications

Understanding credit and credit reports

How to budget and save on any income level



decided to focus on their dreams and start saving to launch their own business.



tracked spending habits, spent within their means, and felt more knowledgeable about apps that giver discounts while spending



reduced debt and learned how to talk to creditors about an economic hardship.



felt more relaxed and less stressed about bills and future expenses once a plan was in place.

“As a single parent, I was always worried about my finances and constantly stressed. After the STACK workshop, I learned how to grow my savings!”